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Web Campaigns

Marketing at Internet Speed
Gone are the days of direct marketing campaigns lasting months between initial ideas and final analysis. In the online world, think in terms of hours and days.
Vital Links believes the true power of the Internet is its ability to provide measurable return on advertising investments in a very, very short amount of time. We also believe in launching a great campaign with the understanding that you may want to tweak it in real time. Because we can track campaign performance in real time, we drive at goals and objectives by implementing what we learn as we learn it. Is a certain demographic profile responding better than another? Why wait until next campaign to optimize? Why not make a tweak mid-campaign? This is the power of the Internet. It has no parallel in the offline world.

Affiliate Programs
The model for pay-for-performance advertising. We create and manage affiliate programs that drive sales and actions from targeted customers. But we pay publishers only when those visitors take the action we want. Advertisers love affiliate programs - almost as much as publishers!

Targeted Advertising in Localized Markets
When considering online advertising opportunities, it's time to throw out the old rate card cost-per-thousand model. Instead, we dig in and find out where target markets go online, and negotiate new advertising methods with publishers. From content sponsorships, newsletter sponsorships, and creative use of rich media advertising, we deliver what the traditional banner ad never could - real results.

Event Specific Promotions
A product launch? A major conference or trade show? Promote time-sensitive campaigns with an accompanying web promotion that grabs attention, drives pre-event interest, and generates pre-qualified leads.