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Web Analytics

Realtime website statistics
Vital Links web analytics offer comprehensive real-time visitor tracking for business web sites and e-commerce entities.

Our system has been developed over a number of years by one of the leading metrix companies.
Take a 1 month trial Vital Links 's website statistics, and allow us access to your log files and we'll open your eyes to how your site operates internally.

Website analytics provides you with tools that allow you to:

Understand your website
If you have no idea of how your website works and the paths your visitors choose when they arrive on the site, how do you expect to convert them to using your service?

Develop future marketing campaigns
Knowing how and what is driving traffic to your site is essential for planning future strategies for a website owner, our expert discetion of statistical data will allow us to work with you in order to recognise weaknesses and improve the strength of the site.

Increase Conversion rates
Whether it is a simple form enquiry or a full ecommerce solution, Fresh Egg will use analytical data to increase the contact and sales you receive.