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PPC - Pay per Click Management Services

Vital Links helps its clients drive down the costs of pay per click, and boost their ROI to new levels. Through extensive campaign planning, reliable and robust bid management technology, and accountable tracking & analytics, Vital Links paid search management team, successfully saves its clients considerable time and money in deploying a pay per click campaign, whilst ensuring profits continually grow.

With accountability being so important on so many levels, web analytics is at the core of the Vital Links paid search approach, where we have built proprietary technologies for monitoring not just your positions, but also the contribution that it has made to your visitor levels, sales and revenue. Vital Links clients know how much they have paid when it comes to converting a click-through to a call to action.

When it comes to your pay for performance campaign, rather than plough headlong into spending a marketing budget, we begin a campaign with a series of carefully planned steps, designed to give each campaign a fighting chance of success, and the flexibility to be honed and developed over its campaign lifecycle.