When we started, in 1995, we had a vision: to ensure our clients global exposure of their business using the marketing tool of the new Millennium called Internet. In 1997 Vital Links was formed and this vision started becoming reality. Soon we began utilizing international know-how and resources expanding year after year our services range and our customers base.
Today Vital Links' name is associated with quality and the ability to generate strongly competitive returns for our clients. But lets face it, a nock-out web site is hardly enough to give you the competitive advantage you need. Companies need to be alert to the changes in the market, ready to adopt and able to revamp their business models when necessary.

Technology follows the strategy, doesn't determine it. We help you do that with our consulting services.

Since 1997 we are devoted in helping our clients enjoy the benefits of the internet and new media technologies.
But it is only when these efforts join the strategic plan of the company that they have high returns.

Contact Vital Links today, you'll be surprised at what we can do for your organization.

Helen Chartzoulaki
Managing Director

1997 - 2010 Vital Links