Vital links International was founded in 1997 with the following central core business:

Strategic business consulting - Strategic marketing - Internet marketing campaigns - Quality control,intranets, websites, e-businesses for medium and large corporations

From 1997 to 2012 the company succeeded to service the largest companies in Greece and built long term bonds and business relationships based on trust, respect, and our devotion to offer them the best service they could ever have with international standards.

This page is our way to say thank you to all these companies who supported us for so many years and shared with us great experiences in our efforts to achieve their goals. I want to say thank you to the long list of companies who worked with us from Greece and from all over the world – UK, USA, Germany, Switcherland, Holland, India, Italy, France and really gave the fullest of their efforts many times losing their sleep and holidays to make every single job we had an absolute success.

Founder/CEO Elena J. Chartzoulaki


We handcraft unique design & digital experiences to surprise the universe.